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An experienced and highly qualified logistics partner like Unified Logistics Services is invaluable when it comes to retail distribution or wholesalers selling to retailers.  Our experts will be with you from start to finish when it comes to strategizing, planning, and executing your retail fulfillment needs.  Our online services can help you integrate B2B and B2C operations thereby enabling you to sell directly to retails whenever you have the opportunity to do so.


Our retail logistics managers are always prepared to unpredictable fluctuations in demand.  Although we are able to anticipate some surges such as the holiday season, retail trends are often difficult to predict.  There are always unforeseen or unscheduled events that can cause products to be subject extremely high demand.  This can make forecasting demand in the future extremely challenging.  If you cannot scale with every spike in demand, you’ll wind up panicking when trying to get orders delivered.


This inability to increase inventories can be very frustrating for retailers and their customers.  By the same token, you don’t want to get overextended with resources because you think there may or may not be a spike in demand.  At Unified Logistics Services, flexibility is the key to maintaining a scalable and, more importantly, a sustainable retail distribution operation.  Here are 3 strategies that can be implemented to maintain a balance between prudence and preparedness.

  • Rely on multiple carriers – by developing a network of multiple carriers rather than relying on one or two, supply chain managers will have the ability to find capacity, even on short notice. Building strong, long-term relationships with a broad range of carriers will also make it much easier for you to ensure that rates are competitive.
  • Technology was built to handle the heavy lifting – although there may be plenty of bandwidth during slow periods for employees to compose endless chains of e-mails with carriers, this isn’t acceptable when business ramps up. Automation can eliminate a lot of menial tasks so your employees stay focused on what’s most important – those activities that are critical to your operation.
  • Always lean on Unified Logistics Services, your trusted logistics partner – it goes without saying that you need more helping during the busier times of the year. One option is to hire additional employees.  However, with a temporary surge, the expenses of hiring extra bodies then laying them off when the demand subsides could be costly.

Thus, when a spike in retail distribution demand jumps up out of nowhere, a cutting-edge TMS (Transportation Management System) is not only a great tool to have on hand, it’s essential to the success of your operation. And we are here to ensure that the whole transportation process goes smoothly without any hassle. We know that business needs differ and that is why we custom tailor the logistics for your goods.

As South Florida’s logistics industry leader, we can be an extension of your retail distribution operation.  Since establishing our company, our mission has always been to provide competitive rates, damage-free shipments, on-time consistency, superior client service, and the latest software for tracking your shipments in real-time.  Don’t let time-consuming delays leave your retail distribution operation in chaos. We are here to help and our large network of logistic support ill ensure all deliveries anywhere in the world, reach on time as you need.

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