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Unified Logistics Services can simplify your LTL (Less-than-Truckload) shipments and alleviate the stress of managing them.  We’ve streamlined the process so that it’s quick and efficient for all sides of the equation.  We provide customers a superior level service and work to find more cost-effective, efficient ways to ship your products and answer any questions you have while those items are in transit.

You can trust our solutions that we provide for the shipment and delivery services you require.  If you have items to ship, Unified Logistics Services is ready to help.  Honesty, integrity, and trust are the base of our core values and at our company, we apply them to every task we perform. We ensure safety and online tracking to ensure you are updated during the whole process.


LTL or Less-than-Truckload shipping is a method of transporting products that only fill part of a trailer.  In most cases, the freight is packed in large boxes, sealed in crates, or stacked onto pallets.  From there, it’s combined with other shipments from different companies or sources into or onto a single trailer.  This makes LTL shipments a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses and shippers that only have small amounts of products to deliver.  It’s considerably more flexible than a full truckload and provides a number of benefits for the individual shipper and smaller companies. Thus, for smaller businesses looking to freight goods, this is considered a good and cost-effective option.


We understand the logistics of goods transportation. In most instances, LTL freight is combined in distribution centers, hubs, or warehouse facilities and then unloaded at specified terminals.  From there, receivers pick up their designated orders and they’re on their way to the intended receiver.  It’s not unusual for an LTL shipment handled by Unified Logistics Services to be handled multiple times along the way to its destination.  This is what makes this such a cost-effective method for shipping larger parcels without having to incur the cost of an entire trailer.  Other companies will fill the remaining space in the trailer while only paying for a portion of it.


Although it’s such a cost-effective method of shipping small amounts of products, LTL shipping isn’t for everybody.  If you’ve been considering this as a shipping option, you should have us explain how it works if you aren’t already familiar with it.  There are certain situations where the use of LTL shipping is the perfect option such as:

  • when a shipment is larger than parcel-sized limits
  • when you understand the specifics of LTL shipping time
  • when you’re able to pack and load freight without any assistance

Additionally, shipping your items by LTL can be beneficial as well as cost-effective.  We understand that different customers have their own budget and requirements. That is why if you’re using Unified Logistics Services, LTL shipping enables you to:

  • choose a carrier from a network of shipping companies
  • easily book your shipments and track them in real-time
  • save on your shipping costs.

Why struggle to find an LTL carrier when we have an entire network to select from? To learn more about LTL shipping and the benefits, call Unified Logistics Services at (888) 608-6434 or e-mail us at Our business representatives in Miami are available to assist you with your specific LTL requirements. Let us know and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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