Pool Consolidation and Distribution

Unified Logistics Services offers an extensive range of transportation solutions for customers in all industry sectors, one of which is pool consolidation and distribution.  These services were designed and developed to improve the amount of times goods or products spend in transit and the cost savings involved as opposed to older, traditional shipping methods.  Pool consolidation and distribution has numerous applications and can be highly efficient for:

  • arranging shipments of smaller parcels
  • expediting shipments direct to their destination
  • scheduling entire truckloads
  • shipping products by rail or road
  • storing products in a warehouse
  • use in domestic or international locations

Furthermore, Unified Logistics Services provides value-added services including assembly, labeling, and marking; COD for freight charges; hand-unload and liftgate services; and climate-controlled shipping and storage.


In this industry, pool “consolidation” is the opposite of pool “distribution.”  Our specialists gather up individual shipments throughout our area of operations, create a shipping inventory, and consolidate everything at our regional hub 1/2-hour northwest of Miami in Medley.  At that point, we consolidate shipments based on their receiving locations.  Although this may seem tedious, it does offer cost savings similar to pool distribution (see below).

At the same time, you’re able to monitor and track your individual shipments through the Unified Logistics Services detailed consolidation and receipt processes.  In addition to this, we offer value-added services that include assembly, barcode scanning, labeling, and RIFD applications.

Pool distribution involves the distribution shipment orders to a number of different destinations within a specific geographical region.  Characteristically, we see higher frequency LTL shipments ranging from 150 to 10,000 pounds.  Pool distribution offers a superior, cost-effective alternative to traditional LTL shipment costs.  Instead of having to ship something from its origination point to a consignee, orders are loaded and shipped on consolidated trailers directly to individual terminals within that region.

We unload the pool, separate it, and sort it according to the consignee then load it onto a local delivery truck and taken to its intended destination.  Unified Logistics Services experts offer many combined years of experience and expertise in pool distribution as well as pool consolidation.  Thanks to our flexible network of terminals, we are able to receive, break down, and inventory your products at our service center for final delivery.  This decreases handling and shipping times as well as the costs associated with them.


We have years of experience in helping businesses with their specific requirements and would like to assist you. While there are similarities between pool consolidation and distribution, shippers see the benefits that both have over traditional LTL shipping. Here is what you can expect if you use pool consolidation and distribution:

  • easier order and shipment tracking
  • improved customer service levels
  • lower, more competitive rates
  • quicker transit times
  • reduced carbon footprint (impact to the environment

We understand all aspects of the LTL shipping and can help your business with it. Despite the benefits involved, planning, developing, and executing a good strategy for pool consolidation and distribution can be challenging without:

  • geographical warehouse knowledge
  • identifying pool consolidation and distribution opportunities
  • industry experience and expertise
  • strategic planning experience
  • vast carrier network

We understand that businesses have specific requirements and cater to it accordingly.

To learn more about our pool consolidation and distribution services, contact Unified Logistics Services at (888) 608-6434 or e-mail us at sales@unified-logistic.com. We are here to help you, so call us today.

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